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Calisthenics is a form of physical training without special sports equipment, such as dumbbells, jump ropes, etc. Only the own body weight is used. Individual muscles are strengthened and the interaction as well as the efficiency of the individual body regions is trained.


Together with athletes we developed and realized the first pure Calisthenics-Work-Out-Facilty and evolve it constantly since 2014.


Since 1979, PLAYPARC has been designing, building and building sports and sports facilities for the public. Since 2014 also Calisthenics equipment. Individual advice and support On-site are part of our services. We accompany you from the very beginning.

10Minutes/athelets per day
10Athletes per installation per day
800Europewide installations
1333Hours usage per day on 4FCIRCLE®-Installations


  • All
  • Powdercoated
  • Wood
  • Zinked
  • Worms – Germany
  • Gilching – Germany
  • Zorneding – Germany
  • Paderborn – Ahorn-Sportpark – Germany
  • Herford – Germany
  • Delbrück – Germany
  • Borkum – Germany
  • Cottbus – Germany


Calisthenics Parc / S-B

Calisthenics Parc / S-B

Calisthenics Parc / M-A

Calisthenics Parc / M-A

Calisthenics Parc / M-B

Calisthenics Parc / M-B

Calisthenics Parc / L-A

Calisthenics Parc / L-A

Calisthenics Parc / L-B

Calisthenics Parc / L-B

Calisthenics Parc / XL-A

Calisthenics Parc / XL-A

Calisthenics Parc / XL-B

Calisthenics Parc / XL-B

Calisthenics Park XXL

Calisthenics Park XXL



4FCIRCLE®-Calisthenics systems comply with all safety standards (DIN-EN 16630 (in combination with a instruction sign and DIN-EN 1176) which are necessary for use in public areas.
We are a member of national and international standardization bodies and are very careful to ensure that the safety standards are observed for all custom-made products. A fall-absorbing floor covering is required in the area of the installation.

Furthermore, additional trusses in the foundation area ensure stability, even in the case of large user groups and constant dynamic load.

We would be pleased to advise you on this topic in a personal meeting.


Bars and Calisthenics elements are permanently screwed to the posts. We use a VA screw with additional plug protection, which can only be released with a special tool. In addition, the screws are still glued during assembly.

With the 4FCIRCLE®-Calisthenics connection system, it is possible that four bars can be attached to a stand post at precisely the same height without the connecting screws coming into conflict with one another.


As standposts we use steel pipes with a 10 x 10 cm profile. The upper ends are covered with a fully welded cap.

As material for the bars, ladders and all functional elements, we use high-quality stainless steel tubes made of V2A.

Among the users, the basic material of the bars is partly controversial. In order to meet the different needs of the users, the bars can also be powder coated. This is basically possible in all common RAL colors.

We will gladly explain the advantages and disadvantages in a personal discussion.


Our 4FCIRCLE® Calisthenics systems are tailored to the needs of the customer and are therefore individual. Of course there are certain standardizations in the dimensions established by Calisthenics athletes in order to offer as broad a group as possible, optimal training and competition situations.

Many of our parks are unique and are produced in our production facility in NRW / Germany.

We are happy to plan and create your individual Calisthenics Park.


On August 27, 2017, the Ahorn Sportpark Paderborn is transformed for the first time to the Schauplatz of the calisthenics

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Calisthenics Parks



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